This Is My World Challenge – Bromo, Indonesia

Photos and Story by Ikasari Widiyanto

Holidays are always fun!  Me and My photographer group were heading towards Bromo-Indonesia in January of 2012.  It was an eye-opener trip for me.  I always want to come back to this place after a few years.  I wanted to experience the sunrise on top of the Bromo Mountain.  There was no autumn or winter season in Indonesia, it was either wet or dry season.  However, it seems like there is no dry season in Bromo, since it is green all year along.  Bromo is a 4 hours drive from Surabaya, East Java.  During this trip, we took public transportation all the way to the village nearest to Bromo.  We stayed at the villagers house in order to see the sunrise.  It is a simple house with basic facility.  Early in the morning the next day, we took a jeep towards the best spot to take the sunrise.  There were a number of jeeps queuing to climb up to the hill behind us.  It was a nice view to see.  Upon reaching the top of the hill, we waited and waited under the cold weather, thick mist, and empty stomach.  In the end, we did not have a chance to take the sunrise due to the thick mist.  The sky was bright all of a sudden. Even though we did not get what we were looking for, we had fun.  And, it was the most important thing for me.


Great submission Ikasari!  I really like the photograph with the red jeep, the contrast between the bright color and the drab fog really caught my attention.  It sounds like you made the best out of an unexpected situation which is what separates a good photographer from the others.  We have all experienced getting to a “once in a lifetime” spot and the light being terrible but it’s important to follow Ikasari’s example and make lemonade out of lemons (or whatever type of drink is geographically appropriate…  Pineapple juice from pineapples?)

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