Seasons Photo Contest Update

Wowzers!  We’ve had an unprecedented amount of submissions over the last week, there are some really incredible shots in the contest gallery.  If you’ve been sitting on the side lines waiting now is the time to jump in and give it a shot, there is no cost so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Judging Addendum

I. With careful consideration I’ve decided that the judges will, in addition to picking a grand prize winner, choose the top ten photographs from the Seasons Contest.  The top ten winners won’t win any fancy prizes but they will win street cred here on PhotolisticLife. 

II.  Secondly, you may have noticed a “Sponsors” section on the front page of PhotolisticLife, the grand prize winner as well as the second place winner will be able to put their blog, Facebook, or website address in the Sponsor section so long as the website adheres to the rules set forth by PhotolisticLife.

And finally, I want to give you some clarity as to why some of your submissions may not be showing up in the gallery.  Here at PhotolisticLife we strive to be a positive and encouraging place for all photographers of all skill levels and because of this we believe that the rules set forth by the contest should be followed by all contestants no matter how good their photography may be.  Below are the top three reasons why over 30 submissions were NOT accepted.

1.)  Theft of others work.  This is my pet peeve, if you are caught using others photography as your own your IP address is recorded and blacklisted.  You will be banned from participating in all future contests.  The original creator of the photographs will (and was) be contacted and given your name and IP address for further action if so desired.  There is nothing  lower than theft of others hard work so respect yourself and others by creating your own.

2.)  Changing the file name of your image – It’s happening less often which is great but there are still some of you that refuse to change the file name of your images before uploading them.  Please realize that with the volume of submissions that I have to review there is no way I can take the time to change them for you.  If you don’t put the title and your name in the file name of the image how will anyone know the image is yours?  I’d like the readers to give you credit when they look at your photo and it blows their mind so please put your name and the image name in the file name before uploading to PhotolisticLife.

3.)  This is a new one – image size being too small!  I’m thankful that the images are not huge but if the judges can’t at least fill their computer screen with all your wonderful pixels there is no way for them to judge your photographs.  An ideal size to shoot for is w=2000 h=1600, you don’t have to do that exactly but much smaller than that and you run the risk of either having to resubmit or not meeting the minimum size and not making it into the contest.  I try to email those of you that make this easy to make mistake so you’ll have a chance to resubmit your entry.

It’s not too late, if you have not already submitted your entry you can head over to the Submit an Article page now and dazzle us with your photography.  Be sure to read and follow the rules if you want to avoid any snags along the way.

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