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Much of my fine art work is commissioned by individuals and art firms.  I strive to provide a unique vision, exceptional quality, and unsurpassed professionalism.  I work with the client/gallery to incorporate images that are important to them and their space.  My unique style incorporates street photography, urban landscapes, and architecture photography.

Most Recent Work

Always Evolving

Photograph of installed work courtesy of Boston Art Inc. 

fractal cityscape, fine art, modern art, abstract, composite, Hartford, Connecticut

The above image, part of the fractal cityscape series, was created to be 12 feet by 3.5 feet in size and contains several images of recognizable landmarks in downtown Hartford.

The Union Trust Installation includes 14 massive images, 10 sized roughly 34 feet by 10 feet and four that measure roughly 8′ by 8′, that can be found in the recently renovated historical Union Trust Building in downtown Pittsburgh.  The images are part of a series called Fractal Cityscapes and take cues from impressionist paintings.

Installation photos courtesy of Charlotte Riggs Here are a few of my favorites:

Fractal Cityscape, Union Trust Building, modern art, abstract photography, large format photography, urban art

Bridge Lock – 8th Floor Union Trust Building (32 feet long by 10 feet high)

Inner CityInner City – 7th Floor Union Trust Building

NorthSide2-2North Side – 8th Floor Union Trust Building

Newest Creations

Always Innovating

Volkswagen, campervan, Vanagon, vanille,fine art, abstract art, modern art, fine art photography, fractal cityscape

Campervan Life – Santa Barbara, CA

Pittsburgh, fine art, abstract, photography, Leica, abstract photography, warner

The Warner

Pittsburgh, fine art, fractal cityscape, cityscape, art, abstract,

Pittsburgh Splash 1

Pittsburgh, fine art, abstract, abstract art, fine art photography, Leica, city, urban, colorful

Pittsburgh Splash 2

abstract, fractal cityscape, fine art, photography, pittsburgh, golden hour

Pittsburgh Glow

Fractal Cityscape, New York City, Fine Art, Traffic, Motion Blur, ICM,

New York City Rush Hour

Brooklyn, fine art, abstract, composite, silhouette, wall art, street photography

Brooklyn, NY

Boston MA, from the Fractal Cityscape SeriesVenice Beach, CA from the Fractal Cityscape series

Santa Monica Beach, CA from the Fractal Cityscape series

Abstract Street Photography (Pittsburgh)

Abstract Street Photography Series (Pittsburgh)

img_0296-editThe first of a series of timeless street photography turned into digital oil paintings


This is the first of the Creation Series


I Heart NYC from the Fractal Cityscape Series

Past Work

More Than A Picture


WordsA Thousand Words

RoundCorner2-2Round Corner

Harris TheaterHarris Theater

10363430115_1c9a0fd7c7_kICM Nature

13393943924_570b5d7461_oKiawah Sunset

Pittsburgh mergePittsburgh From Above