Photography Challenge – Tourists

From time to time I like to throw a photography challenge your way.  Photography challenges are a great way to try something new and think outside of the box (unless the challenge is photographing the inside of a box).  The goal of a photo challenge is to not simply complete the challenge by capturing the picture, any monkey with a camera could do that, but to capture the image in an interesting and technically correct way.

Today’s photo challenge is to capture tourists (on your camera, not in your windowless van) in a creative way.  Use compositional elements like leading lines, selective focus, the rule of thirds, etc..  If you’d like your image to be featured here on PhotolisticLife you can submit it via the Submit An Article link.


  • Don’t worry about upsetting tourists, 9 times out of 10 they will walk right in front of whatever you are photographing anyways.
  • Try to use composition that will make your subject stand out rather than photographing a crowd of people.
  • Try to capture human emotion (happiness, sadness, love, etc.)
  • Shoot in aperture priority mode in order to make quick adjustments to your depth of field without having to make multiple adjustments.

Hint:  If you are nervous about photographing strangers check out this article on Increasing Your Comfort Level when practicing street photography.

Good luck!

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