Photography Challenge – Stickers On Signs

The photography challenge series is geared towards those of you who may have a creative block from time to time and need an idea or two to stir things up.  You can complete the challenge and submit a couple of different ways, either upload the image to our Facebook page or join our Flickr group and upload it there.

When I’m doing street photography I like to keep a keen eye out for things new, different, and unusual…  Lately, my eye has been drawn to signs that are covered with stickers or have a sticker strategically placed that make the sign a little humorous.  Take, for instance, the sign below with the mans face replaced by a fox sticker.

0815_untitled_035or this sign that was plastered with stickers,


Whether you live in or around a city I assure you that you’ll find a sign with a sticker so long as there are teenagers in the world. As always, try to compose in an interesting and deliberate way. No snap shots!  This may mean getting low and shooting up towards the sign rather than straight on or levitating using sorcery and shooting down the sign.

If you accept the challenge be sure to upload your images to either the Facebook page or our Flickr group. From time to time we feature the best shots here on PhotolisticLife.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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