Photo Challenge – Making Monochrome Memories

In preparation for the black and white photo contest coming up I thought I’d do a photo challenge in black and white.  Black and white images are great for conveying emotion without distraction.  Shooting in black and white forces you too shoot what you are feeling rather than what you are seeing (well, you could shoot what you are seeing but it may not have much impact).  You’ve got to visualize the photograph you are about to take before you press the shutter button.  If color photographs capture the moment then I’d surmise that black and white photographs capture the mind (and the soul if you’re an Aborigine person from some far off place).

The challenge, should you accept it, is to capture a photograph conveying a feeling rather than documenting a scene.  Since the contest will not focus on people or portraiture you won’t have to worry about submitting one of your b+w contest entries as a photo challenge submission (you can submit photographs with their story by using the Submit an Article link in the main menu or our Facebook page).  Good luck!

Check out my article Must Know Tips For Shooting and Processing Black and White Photography if you’d like some tips.

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