This Way Or That – You’re The Judge

From time to time myself or a reader will submit an photographs before and after image to see what the readers here at PhotolisticLife prefer.  Below you’ll see a sunset image processed with Lightroom 5.  Which do you prefer, the before image or the after image?





Great, now you can let us know which photograph you prefer.  Make a selection in the poll below and check out the results.  If you’d like to have one of your photographs reviewed feel free to submit it using the Submit An Article page.


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2 replies on “This Way Or That – You’re The Judge”
  1. says: Becky D.

    Well, as always, both photos are beautiful but I think I like the before because it is a more realistic lighting for sunrise (or set). The after has too much grain for my tastes and is too light. But then as always – what do I really know anyhow? 😉

    1. says: John Barbiaux

      Haha, you know what you like. That’s what’s fun about doing these types of polls, I’m always interested in what others find appealing bc it’s sometimes surprising.

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