2014 Black And White Photography Contest Details

The 2014 Black And White Photography Contest will begin on April the 5th at 9 a.m. Eastern Time.  The contest is free to enter and the prize is $250 cash.  Entering is as easy as visiting PhotolisticLife’s Facebook page, liking us, and posting your photograph to our wall.  Each photographer can enter a maximum of three photographs over the duration of the contest (April 5th to July 12th). The images must be black and white and not portraiture.

In an attempt to curb copyright issues, as well as too many entries, we are going to do this photo contest on PhotolisticLife’s new Facebook page.  There will be a wall post called 2014 Black and White Photography Contest where you can reply with your images as well as a short sentence or two describing them if you like.

How to Enter

  • Post up to 3 black and white images to our Facebook wall (You may leave a sentence or two giving a little detail if you’d like)
  • Check back at PhotolisticLife.com and Facebook for updates

There will be a gallery here on PhotolisticLife called Editors Favorites where we will showcase some of our favorite images throughout the contest, it will be updated weekly.

Remember, all entries must have been shot in 2014.  Do not submit images taken in prior years.  Please refrain from putting borders or “frames” around your images that you enter, when you place a frame around your image you are making that part of the image and detracting from its overall beauty.  Also, watermarks are part of an image too.  Unsightly watermarks will ruin an image (think large watermarks).  This isn’t usually a problem unless you are entering your photograph into a photo contest where you’ve got a lot of great competition.  If it comes down to your image with a large watermark and another equally beautiful image with a smaller, less distracting, watermark the other image will win.

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