Photo Journal Challenge – You’ve Got (No?) Mail

Today’s Photo Journal Challenge is by Becky DeSantis, here is what she had to say:

Through snow and hail and sleet and rain, this rusty old mailbox stands at the ready along a fairly well-traveled country road.  However (sigh) no mail ever passes through its door anymore.  BUT I did find it attractive enough to stop and get a photo.  It has three of my favorite elements – metal (rusty, which is best), wood, and greenery.  Only thing missing is stone – asphalt doesn’t count…  The second photo was taken in an old barn that is slowly and sadly being allowed to deteriorate.  There is a lot wrong with this photo.  I am anxious to return to see if the pulleys are still there and try for an improved photo.  Using PS I improved the composition somewhat and sharpened a little.  Knowing what I know now (from experience and reading PhotolisticLife posts), I am pretty sure I could do better SOC.  Time will tell – now if the temperature would just cooperate, I can grab my photo partner and hit the wooded trails that lead to this spot…  stay tuned!


Great shots Becky, I’m a big fan of rusty subjects.  I really like both of your photographs, the mailbox is of particular interest to me…  Actually that might be my favorite photograph you have submitted.  I like the subtle color of the number sign and the contrast of the metal against the green grass.  Was the photograph taken early in the morning?  It looks like there is fog or mist in the background which really enhances the photograph.  The mailbox is a good example of the type of photography that tells a story without the photographer needing to.  Great work!

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