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Do you have a photograph you’d like to share with the world?  Well I can’t promise you the world but there are about 3,000 visitors to PhotolisticLife every week who would love to hear your story.  Send your photograph with your story and see it on PhotolisticLife.  Share your world, the way you see it, with the rest of us…  We’d love to see it.

Janice submitted these great photographs of train art:


Most people would look at these train cars and see vandalism but freight train graffiti is art, it’s even got its own cult following.  Google the words train graffiti and you’ll find thousands of images and websites devoted to documenting the “tags”.


I think, Janice, you’ve stumbled on your next photography project.  Finding and photographing these “tags” can be an extremely challenging task if you don’t live right next to a train yard.  A lot of train tracks run through private property in the country and in the city (at least in Pittsburgh) the tracks are guarded by a fence that keeps you about 20 feet away from the train cars.




Thanks for the great submissions, it’s always a treat to see what others are looking at through their viewfinders.  If you do decide to make this into a photo project then keep us posted and we’ll follow you as you progress through the project.


Remember, if you’d like to share your art with the rest of the world don’t hesitate to submit them via the link below (called “Submit Your Pictures Here!” weirdly enough).  There are other ways to have your photograph featured on the website as well, periodically we will feature a photograph that represents the “This is America Challenge” or “Great Places to Photograph”.  As always, thank you for your wonderful submissions and please keep them coming.  Enjoy!

Great news!  There is now an easier way to submit Photo Journal, This is America Challenge, and Over or Under submissions.  If you’d like to submit an article then just hit the link below and you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to article submission by readers where you can upload photos and write your story.  Enjoy!

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