Photo Challenges Answered – Leading Lines and Minimalism

From time to time I get that warm fuzzy feeling…  especially when someone responds to something they read here on PhotolisticLife.  Liz Sette did just that, she responded to an article I wrote a few months back called What is Minimalist Photography and submitted a challenge of her own with a great example of Leading Lines.

Reader Submission: Liz Sette


“A while back, I recall a Photo Journal Challenge on “Minimalist” photography. I have a photo that I think fits this type of photography. This photo was taken this past January at the South Jersey Shore, one of my favorite times to go to the beach.”

leading fence

“Much has been written about the value of leading lines in photography.  The photo I have submitted I think is a good example of leading lines.  This photo was taken in early May before the crowds swarmed the South Jersey shoreline but hopefully, when the crowds did appear, they were directed to the ocean by the leading fences that protect the dunes.”

Liz, you nailed them both right on the head.  Great example of minimalism photography, the image is very compelling with its different shades of sand that give it texture and depth.  The photograph of the fence is one of my favorite photographs you’ve submitted, great use of your aperture to create a shallow depth of field.  Way to keep your white balance under control as well, photographing at the beach is a blast but getting the correct white balance can be quite the challenge.  Great work.

The bar has been set, do you have what it takes to answer the challenge?  Submitting a Photo Journal Challenge or This is America Challenge is as easy as clicking here.  Good luck!

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