Quick Tip – Contrast Between Subjects

0713_Sicily_236-2ISO 200, 35mm, f/11, 1/50 sec (using an ND filter)

When I saw this scene I instantly thought of the Chris Farley movie Tommy Boy where his character puts on a small coat (he was fairly over weight) and sings “Fat man in a little coat” until he eventually rips the coat much to his chagrin.  Contrast is not limited to just colors (as you already know) interesting subject matter can be found in contrast between objects as well.

The image above was taken along a long dock of large fishing and leisure boats with this tiny little boat with an umbrella tied in between two of the large boats.  It was even more ironic when I saw that it was tied off on a piece of either sunken pier or another boat.

Grab your camera and give it a try.  Look for large objects surrounding a small one, clean objects around something dirty, new next to old, and so on.  Good luck!

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