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The Next Big Thing (In a small package)

The Olympus OMD EM5 has won all sorts of accolades over the past year or so and it’s converted many a large DSLR user into a Micro Four Thirds lover. Now, Olympus has announced the OMD EM1 with improved stats and a complete body makeover. From the looks of it Olympus has listened to the original EM5 fan club and improved an already great camera. The controls are larger, the grip is obviously much larger and the specs have improved.


  • Full magnesium alloy body
  • 16.28 MP LiveMOS sensor with 37 phase detection pixels/81 areas in contrast detection
  • No Anti-Aliasing filter (The D800E also did this to increase image quality)
  • Ability to use Micro Four Thirds lenses as well as 4/3 lenses (Olympus)
  • hybrid auto-focus (hybrid means contrast and phase detection AF)
  • Continuous Auto focus allegedly as fast as any DSLRs (1)
  • 6.5 frames / 10 frames with fixed exposure.
  • 200-25600, LOW ISO range (ISO100 equivalent)
  • Shutter Speed 1/8000 seconds up to 60 seconds
  • New TruePicVII Image processing engine
  • Adopt image processing technology “Fine detail II”, magnification chromatic aberration correction, Moire Reduction
  • EVF is 0.029 seconds time lag, High magnification 2.36 million dots of 0.74 times 35mm conversion,
  • Touch panel LCD monitor 1.04 million dot 3.0-inch, movable,
  • 5-axis camera shake correction
  • Video Full HD (1920×1080 30p, 24Mbps)
  • -10 ℃ Low-temperature performance dust proof/weather proof
  • Wi-Fi Built-in
  • Dimensions: 130.4 x 93.5 x 63.1mm
  • Weight: 497g (including battery media), 443g (body only)
  • Kit comes with new 12-40mm “Pro” lens with fixed f/2.8 (2)
  • Focus Peaking (3)
  • Adaptive sharpening optimization (works for every Olympus MFT and FT lens)
  • EVF automatically adjusts the brightness
  • Olympus will offer a PRO Service package for E-M1 owners (not sure what this will include)
  • Built in WIFI for remote trigger and sharing images

Pre-order the OMD EM1 now on Amazon.

(1) The micro four thirds format has not been known as a great format for sports or wildlife photographers due to the available cameras inability to track moving objects well… Olympus hopes to change this.

(2) The Olympus Pro lenses are an attempt to compete with the Panasonic line of fixed aperture lenses and improve Olympus line of sub-par zoom lenses.

(3) Focus peaking is amazing, you have to see it to believe it… read What is Focus Peaking.

For more information on the OMD EM5 you can read my review here: Best Travel Camera. If you’d like more information about lenses for the micro four thirds line you can read these:

Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 – Best Lens for the OMD EM5

Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 R – Real World Review

Olympus 12mm f/2 Lens

The OMD EM1 is shaping up to be one of the best cameras I’ve seen in a long time, only time will tell. Bookmark this page for updates and check back soon. PhotolisticLife will be doing a review of the EM1 in the coming weeks.

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Some Video

Olympus Introduction of OMD EM1

Olympus Fluff Video

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