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This Photo Journal submission was submitted by Jim Campbell –

River Impressions

River Impressions

I had long been thinking that a gently panned, long exposure in the right light, shot would present as an “impressionist” image.  I got the chance last year walking home from a shoot around the river beside my house.  Late in the twilight I took several hand-held exposures from 0.5s to 3s at various apertures and with different amounts of movement.  This one turned out the best.


Great shot Jim, I think you nailed exactly what you were going for.  I love shots like these because they do give that fine art look to your photography as well as being almost impossible to replicate.  You’ve captured something that is one of a kind and that feels good.  The exposure was the perfect amount of time to give you that abstract look but also allow enough light to bring out some of the subtle colors of the forest.  If this were one of my shots it would have made it to the “blow up and print to hang on wall” list.  Thank you for your submission!

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