The Next Photo Contest is Coming!

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The next photo contest will be starting soon and there are some major changes coming.  Here is a brief list of changes:

  • You’ll be able to create your own profile and share some information about yourself
  • Photographs will be able to be “liked” and after many likes they will be automatically added to a “popular” page
  • Users will be able to instantly upload their submissions
  • Users will have the ability to follow other users
  • You’ll have a timeline that shows what photographs you’ve submitted and when
  • Photographs from one contest can be used in another contest as long as they have not won

The winner will be chosen based on judges reviews as well as the “likes” it gets (likes will not be the sole determiner, a photograph with no likes can win as well).  Each time a user likes a photograph his or her IP address will be registered to avoid contestants liking their own photographs, so you’ll need lots of friends to help you out.

[box type=”note”]The contest platform is in beta form and can be slow at times, please be patient and understanding. Thank You![/box]

As soon as the rules have been finalized we will update the photo contest page with access to the new platform.  Get ready folks, if the last contest is any indicator of the next one there will be plenty of competition.  Good Luck!


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