A Photographers Journal

Paper Photo Journal

Photo Journals are a great and easy way to express yourself digitally. But what about those of us that love the feel of pen and paper? One of the coolest journal ideas I ever heard involved adding a physical photograph to your journal each day that you write in it. Admittedly that is where I got the whole Photo Journal Contest idea (I’m sure you already gathered that though). Is it difficult to print a photo? No. You can either print it off your home printer or order one from the many photo printing websites (iPhoto, Shutterfly, etc…). Will it cost more? Yes. But who cares, your making memories and being artsy fartsy. And the thought of someone flipping through my photo journal a hundred years from now seems cool to me, I’m nostalgic like that. Plus I don’t put embarrassing stuff in there, I like to take a photograph of an Astronaut and put it next to a page that says “just another day at work.” My great grandchildren are going to think I was the most interesting man in the world, suck that Dos Eques guy (look him up, it’s funny).

Incidentally, the same person that gave me that great idea also turned me onto the best Journal notebooks ever: Moleskine Journal. You can get them ruled or just plain to doodle and what not.

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