How To Master Photoshop

Have you learned everything you need to know about Photoshop and Lightroom?  There’s a 99% chance the answer is no…  Learning Lightroom isn’t terribly difficult but unless you’ve got experience with Photoshop or similar software your journey to proficiency can be a lot like learning another language.  Even now, after many years of working with Lightroom, I am still discovering tools and workflows that blow my mind.  So what is the most efficient way to learn how to use these indispensable tools?


I’m glad you asked!  If you’re the type that says “I learn better by doing” then you’re a step ahead.  The best way to master the Adobe suite of software is to simply dive head first into it.  There are an incredible amount of tutorials and walk-through articles or videos to get you started.*  Do a simple search on the Google machine or YouTube for Photoshop tutorials and take your pick of something that looks interesting.  I would encourage you to try something creative even if you don’t see yourself creating that type of work on a regular basis.  The images you see here aren’t something I would do regularly but I can guarantee I learned a few new Photoshop tricks while completing them.

*You can start here, a tutorial I created on YouTube to help you edit your Landscape photography to unlock your images hidden potential.


Things I Learned:

How to cut subjects from images much more efficiently and accurately

How to create the subtle vignette in Photoshop that you see in the cityscape images

How to create my own paint splatter marks

and more…

Photoshop and Lightroom aside, you should always push yourself and challenge yourself to try new things if you want to continue to improve as a photographer or artist.  Feel free to share your creations with us here on PhotolisticLife by tagging them on Instagram with #PhotolisticLife.  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading.

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