My Landscape Photography Post Processing Workflow In Lightroom

Most photographers, myself included, keep their post processing recipe to themselves as if it were the precious ring from Lord Of The Rings.  I’ve recently decided to start sharing my workflow with readers here at PhotolisticLife.  I’m still in the middle of a couple large projects for clients so the videos are completely unedited as you’ll see/hear because of a lack of time.  I’m going to cover various post processing techniques as well as sharing tips on composition.

Some upcoming videos will cover landscape astrophotography post processing, street photography (both color and b+w) post processing, using VSCO like a pro, editing night-time urban landscape photography, etc..  Eventually I will take you with me out in the field and walk you through my workflow when on site.

If you enjoy the video and would like to see more please let me know in the comments section below or on YouTube.  Thanks!

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6 replies on “My Landscape Photography Post Processing Workflow In Lightroom”
  1. says: Lewsh

    As it’s been said before. most folks have their own workflow in LR. I found your workflow as interesting as any other. Thanks for sharing. I just developed a workflow for batch processing that saved me hours of time processing about 3,000 files. I was wondering if you have a batch workflow that you use?

  2. says: Becky

    Really good tutorial, John. One question, I am not sure where you went when you said turn on the clone tool and go down to visualize spots? I tried it but can’t quite get there. Thanks!

    1. says: John Barbiaux

      If you click on the clone tool there will be an option to click visualize spots at the bottom of your Lightroom window. If you have an older version of Lightroom you may not have it.

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