Featured Shots From The PhotolisticLife Flickr Pool

Photo taken by awesome photographer Brad Williams.

It’s been long overdue but the wait is over, I’ve finally pulled together some of the awesome photographs you fine people shared in the PhotolisticLife Flickr Group.  Anyone can participate by joining the group (it’s free) and uploading their favorite shots.  It’s a great way to participate in the monthly Photo Challenge series and possibly get featured here on the site.

Alessio Trerotoli

Dans l'eau de la claire fontaine

Helen Bushe

Colourful wreck

Ben Casper

Colours of Autumn

Dale Gabinete

Beach at San Rafael Palawan

Brad Williams

flood (1 of 1)

Johnny [Shakedown]

My surface, [not] myself

Awesome shots guys and gals! If you would also like a chance to be featured here on PhotolisticLife feel free to upload some of your favorite shots to the Flickr Group.

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  1. says: Ben Casper

    Hi John, my sentiments too. Thank you for publishing my image. I always forward to reading your posts. Ben Casper

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