8 Street Photography Articles You Should Read

DecisiveShot is a website dedicated to Street Photography that branched off from PhotolisticLife earlier this year.  If you don’t follow DecisiveShot.com you can head over there and enter your email in the box to the right that says Subscribe.  Alternatively, you can head to PhotolisticLife’s Facebook page and follow us there.

The articles below are the most recent ones written over on DecsivieShot.com.  Though they are written for Street Photography there is information that can be used in any type of photography (my knowledge of landscape photography and composition greatly influences my Street Photography).

The Difference Between Open And Closed Ended Street Photography

Crippling Fear Of Approaching Subjects On The Street?  Try This!

Indoor Street Photography – The Museum

Don’t Be A Cliche – Create Dynamic Street Photography Instead

The Importance Of Previsiualization In Street Photography

ISO 6400 Street Photography

5 Reasons Why Natural Light Is Better Than Flash In Street Photography

The Truth About The Best Lens For Street Photography

Is there a Street Photography article you’d like to read?  A question about Street Photography you may have?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

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2 replies on “8 Street Photography Articles You Should Read”
  1. says: Anonymous

    John, I’ve recently subscribed and enjoy your posts immensely, finding them both informative and interesting. Can’t wait for your next ones. I too use a Df and no longer try to justify my reasons for owning one. The proof is in its ability to produce images that please me.

    1. says: John Barbiaux

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the site. Yes, the Df is a fantastic camera, the first one that I’ve felt really fits every one of my needs. I really hope Nikon comes out with a Dfs someday, though I’m not sure I’d change anything (unless they went mirror less and/or made an actual range finder.

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