PhotolisticLife’s Flickr Page

We have created a Flickr page to make it easier for you to share your photographs with us and participate in contests and critiques.  Most photographers have a Flickr page and I’ve found it’s easier to upload your images to the group pool rather than trying to track down the image files on your hard-drive and re-upload them to another site.

The link:

Anyone can join so long as you read and agree to the rules.  Please don’t use the Flickr page as a photo dump for your 20 or so images of your cat Snuggles licking your face.  Upload only your best images as if you were putting together a portfolio.  Images in the pool will periodically be critiqued here on the site (and on upcoming video podcasts).

What Is Going To Happen With The Flickr Page?

1.)  Future contests will be done through the Flickr page.

2.)  Future video podcasts will give feedback to photos on the Flickr page.

3.)  You will be able to ask questions and communicate with one another through the page.

4.)  And some other stuff I have not thought of yet!

PhotolisticLife’s Flickr page is now live and ready for you to grace it’s presence with your beautiful images.  Please read the rules before uploading images to the photo pool.

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