Photo Journal

The Photo Journal is where we will feature one of your (the readers’) photos each day. Whoever has the most interesting or different photo each day will be featured on the site and praised like the amazing photogenius you are.

Day Seventy Six

Grab your carving tools, a plastic tarp, and some buckets… It’s pumpkin carving time.  The photo above is the pumpkin I carved yesterday illuminated with a flashlight because there were no candles around.  Well, there were candles around but they were the fancy ones not suitable for inside a pumpkin… Even if the pumpkin looked amazing and deserved a fancy candle.  Remember to snap a picture of your crazy awesome pumpkin and submit it to the Photo Journal… Unless you hate kids.  You don’t hate kids do you?

So who is next? Include your name, where you shot the picture, what the picture is of, and why you took it.

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Do not copy, distribute or otherwise use the images on this site. Images are property of the photographers who submit them.

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