Photo Challenge – Mail


Today’s challenge is a fun one.  I wanted to come up with something that anyone from anywhere in the world could participate in.  What’s one thing that most everyone, the world over, has?  Mail.  The challenge is making an image that depicts the mail.  You can photograph your mail box, a stack of letters, your neighbors mailbox, a post office, the mail man awkwardly trying to skate to your door over the two-inch thick ice that has formed on your sidewalk from the Snowmageddon in the United States.

Once you’ve completed the challenge upload your best shot to the Facebook page if you’d like it critiqued.

Note that it’s probably not a good idea to upload images of letters with your family and friends address on them, your Mema may not enjoy getting fan mail from nefarious characters in some far off land.

Do you have a photo challenge you’d like us to try? Submit it through the Submit an Article and be sure to attach a pic of your completed challenge so we have some inspiration.

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