Photo Challenge – Wild Animal Interactions

Photography challenges here at PhotolisticLife were not created to be a contest of any kind, they are created to help readers think outside of the box.  You creative types need to be stimulated with new and exciting ideas, things that challenge and excite you…  So, instead of uploading a crossword puzzle every once in a while I like to throw a photo challenge out there.  You can submit your results to us here at PhotolisticLife if you’d like (Submit An Article) for a chance to be featured on the website or our Facebook page.

What is more difficult than photographing a wild animal?  How about photographing a wild animal interacting with you or something of yours?  Now, I understand it’s difficult to photograph an animal interacting with you while you are the one with the camera but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.  In my mind I picture you placing your camera on a tripod, leaving it on time-lapse, and waiting patiently to drop out of a tree onto an unsuspecting deers back.  If you aren’t willing to drop out of a tree onto an unsuspecting wild animal you can always do something like what you see here.

As I was preparing to photograph the sunset one evening this bird was getting a little too friendly.  He or she was curious what was in my camera bag and would get too close for comfort.  I was using a super wide-angle lens so the image above looks as if the bird is further than it actually is.  The photograph below was shot at the 35mm end of the 16-35mm and looks more accurate.


For this to be a challenge the goal is to take a photograph of you, the photographer, interacting with the animal.  Whether the animal is interacting with you personally or with your gear is up to you (or the animal).  Photographing your kids petting ponies or bunny rabbits is too easy for you, this is meant to be a challenge.

Animals To Avoid:




Wolf Packs


Anything Rabid


Vicious Spiders/Snakes

A Pride of Lions

A School of Piranha

And anything else that would like to eat you and/or your camera.

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