Photo Challenge Answer – Christmas Is Almost Upon Us

Christmas is almost here and if you’re not in the holiday spirit yet you’d have better throw on some Charlie Brown Christmas DVD’s or check out the image that Liz Sette has submitted to the Photo Journal in response to the Christmas is Almost Upon Us Photo Journal.  If her photo doesn’t give you that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling then I don’t know what will… Eggnog?

This submission is a response to your holiday challenge!  This photo was taken last Christmas.  The portraits on the wall are my daughters on their wedding days.  The feeling I wanted to create was one of warmth and love within my home especially during the beautiful season of Christmas.  I used a Nikon D80 and the settings were f/2.8, 1/2 sec., ISO 200 and no flash.  I don’t remember if I shot in aperture mode or not but I liked the softness I think the photo shows.  Using a flash would not have given me that result.

Great submission Liz, I really like how personal the photograph is.  It gives the viewer that feeling of longing to have the family near during the holiday season.  Not using the flash does create a warm mood but can also cause camera shake because of slower shutter speed, another way to compensate would be to use an off camera flash and bounce it off a wall behind you and then adjust the white balance, either in camera or in post processing, a little warmer (this would allow a lower ISO if you wanted to reduce noise or increase the shutter speed so you could hand hold at lower ISO setting).  Either way, you got the mood you were looking for and the photograph is interesting and engages the imagination.  Well done!

It’s your turn!  Grab your camera and tackle a photo challenge or journal… it doesn’t even have to be one you’ve read on PhotolisticLife.  Once you’ve done that you can head up to the Submit an Article link and send it in to be published on PhotolisticLife for the world to see.  Be sure to tell us which photo challenge or journal you’re conquering, the settings used, and a little about the photograph(s).  Enjoy!

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