This Is My World Challenge – The Holy Wall in Jerusalem

Photos by Gilad Harel



These photographs come to us all the way from Jerusalem compliments of Gilad Harel.  These images are a great representation of the saying “a photo is worth a thousand words.”  There is lot’s of emotion and drama in these photographs.  You can’t help but to stop and reflect on what is going through each individuals mind, what the world looks like through their eyes.

Thanks for your submission Gilad, I’m sure it is not easy taking photographs of people in such a vulnerable state.  One of the most difficult parts of street photography is getting over the fear of taking strangers photographs and it looks as though Gilad is fearless.  Keep up the good work!



The This is My World Challenge started as the This is America Challenge and grew as readers wanted to show what their own country looks like to them.  Do you have a set of photographs that represent where you live?  Submit them via the Photo Journal Challenge and get them featured on PhotolisticLife.  We can’t wait to see your world.

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