This Is My World Challenge – Cappadocia, Turkey

I recently received a submission from a talented photographer named Ellis Baker with an incredible shot of hot air balloons over Turkey.  The shot is breathtaking and really fits the This Is My World Challenge.  It’s great to see all the different parts of the world especially from such a unique perspective as this.  Thanks for sharing Ellis, great shot.

Shooting into direct sunlight like this is not an easy task, you’ve controlled your exposure very well.  The dynamic range of the image is incredible with very little highlight clipping (obviously where the sun is) and the shadows have great detail.  Very nice.  I’d love to know the camera you used and the settings if you feel like sharing in the comments section below.  Thanks!

Ellis Baker

The This is My World Challenge started as the This is America Challenge and grew as readers wanted to show what their own country looks like to them. Do you have a set of photographs that represent where you live? Submit them via the Photo Journal Challenge (under the Submit an Article link) and get them featured on PhotolisticLife. We can’t wait to see your world the way you do.

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