Photo Journal – Pittsburgh’s Knit the Bridge Event

Knit the Bridge

The city of Pittsburgh, if you have not heard, is becoming one of the best cities to enjoy the arts.  Recently, as in today, I had the chance to explore a new kind of art…  Yarn bombing.  Now I’ll be the first to say yarn bombing isn’t exactly what comes to mind when I think of “hip”, but it was different and I enjoy different.  Though I did imagine little old ladies in dreadlocks knitting up a storm for this event and that was entertaining in and of itself.


Here is what Visit Pittsburgh had to say about Knit the Bridge:

Pittsburgh becomes the site of the largest yarn bomb every in the U.S. as the Andy Warhol Bridge is knitted! Communities from all over western Pennsylvania have joined together to create a large-scale and aesthetically stunning art installation to celebrate the City of Bridges!

Knit the Bridge Pittsburgh is a community-led art project to yarn bomb the Andy Warhol Bridge, Aug 12-Sept 6. What is yarn bombing? Yarn bombing is a type of street art that displays fun, bright and beautiful yarn on public structures without damage.

Over 1,500 makers, representing 92% of Pittsburgh neighborhoods, have helped to create this stunning artwork. After the panels are removed, they will be washed and distributed to community shelters.

Knit the Bridge

Knit the Bridge

Has your fine city, town, or village celebrated the arts lately?  Head over to the Submit an Article page and share your creativity with the rest of us.  Enjoy!

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