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Photo and Challenge Completed by Becky DeSantis


My husband was driving and I noticed this interesting-looking gentleman coming out of his home and turning to lock the door.  I fumbled quickly with my camera because I actually wanted to get a shot of him BUT there was no place to pull over and traffic did not permit slowing down so I basically missed him.  I did, however, capture of instructions on the door “no parking” WHICH immediately inspired in me a desire to park there and see just how “instant” the tow truck would be!!  I remember a photo challenge some time back about capturing interesting signs that are prohibitive in nature.  So here you go – NO PARKING or INSTANTLY a tow truck will appear and cart your car to the pound!!  If anyone else is interested in testing the reliability of the door, I will stand by with a camera while you park your car there!!


Great catch Becky, it’s rather tempting to see how instant that truck will be there.  I’m most impressed that you have your camera primed and ready with you everywhere you go, that’s the recipe for some really great and interesting shots for sure.  Keep them coming.

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