Photograph that will Inspire You – And Make You Smile!

Mother Daughter Bike Ride

While traveling recently I was working on a new photo project (if you’d like to learn about them read: Take Photography to the Next Level – Photo Projects) and ended up with about, what I thought was, 20 “unusable” photographs.  Purely by chance I was scanning through some of them and accidentally zoomed into this one and found a hidden gem.  Hopefully you will find this as inspiring as I did.

Try looking at the cropped image below without smiling…  Reminds me of why I love photography.

Mom and Daughter Bike Ride (cropped)

Do you have a photo that reminds you of why you love photography?  Maybe something you caught completely inadvertently but ended up being your favorite…  Feel free to share with us using the Submit an Article link in the menu at the top of the page.  If you found this article interesting and inspiring please like, pin, stumble, or tweet us to your heart’s content.  Thank you for visiting!

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