This is America Challenge – Foggy Morning

Guest Submission by Becky DeSantis

Favorite Tree

Was driving down Bear Creek Road on Friday morning on a very early morning trek to the grocery store.  It was foggy but the sun was making an appearance through some interesting cloud formations.  Pulled over, threw on the 4-ways, and popped through the sun roof to capture a couple shots.

Becky DeSantis

Diptych of Foggy Morning

Great eye Becky, the rule of thirds helped enhance your already great shots.  The photograph on the bottom right, with the watermark, looks the best to me.  You’ve got the sun light streaking across the sky towards the silo which contrasts well with the dark green of the corn stalks.  The barn looks to be in the perfect place as well.  These photographs are exactly what I was thinking of when I started the This is America Challenge.  Thanks for the great submission and keep them coming, your photography is inspiring.

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