Photo Story Contest – Shadow of Childhood

Story and Photography by Pranab Basak

(Some grammatical errors due to translation)

Hands for freedom

Hands for Freedom

Story of Childhood

Childhood is always very remarkable to every one.  The days of
childhood is a bundle of hope and dreams.  So, when ‘light’ represents
the ‘joy’, and ‘shadow’ demonstrates the ‘sorrow,.  If childhood means a
stream, then children are the drops.  It is just like a retrospective
to see the freedom frames over shadows of barrier in south-east Asia.
Hope and dreams reflect the face of life continuously , whether this
process starts from the golden days of childhood.  Then society
segregate the good and evil.  Freedom of dream is a birthright to all.
Light and shadows clearly communicate the up and downs of life.

Morning fun
Morning Fun

Simple stories of village life is represented through the frames.
Where a little freedom of childhood is a gem to all.  The life is a
hope of light on dew drops.  A little relief is much bigger than the
entire world. Thought of childhood meant a story-teller of society.  Joy
of hope is always running in unconscious mind.  Over all the frames of
childhood meant the frame of life, where the mind is fearless and the
head is high.

Shadow play

Shadow Play

At last the story tells the complete truth only.

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