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You’re home “sick” today and it’s not as fun as you thought because all your friends are responsible and went to work.  I get it, life is rough and sometimes you need to spend an afternoon watching reruns of your favorite sitcom on Netflix and pampering yourself.  But then what?  It’s 2:30pm and you’re bored out of your skull.  Grab your camera and get creative.  Here are some ideas for you on your lazy afternoon at home.

  1. Your Garden.
  2. Your Children/Family.
  3. Unique Interior Decorations (Mainly Do It Yourselfers).
  4. Did it just rain?  Go outside and shoot a puddle with the reflection of a tree or your house.  No rain?  Take a mirror (do not break said mirror or you will have bad luck for years).
  5. Books are always a great photo, grab some of your old hardback  books and stack them together and get some neat angles.
  6. Take your tripod outside and shoot some stars at night (slow your shutter down to 30 seconds or a minute if you want trails behind the stars).
  7. Your neighbors through their window…  KIDDING.  Find a sunbeam shining through your window and try to capture it in a photo.
  8. Anything macro, its amazing how beautiful something ordinary looks when you get up close and personal.
  9. Have antiques?  Place them next to something modern and capture the contrast between new and old or just shoot them by themselves and play with vintage filters on your camera or photo shop.
  10. Your pets sleeping, can you think of anything cuter than Sprinkles the cat all curled up on top of the book shelf?  Didn’t think so.

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