If You Have to Explain it You Did it Wrong

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The Great Recession

Street photography is an art.  I have the utmost respect for photographers who focus primarily on this daunting task.  Do you ask for permission?  Do you snap your picture and run (this would probably make it a lot more awkward than it may already be)?  Maybe you just walk down the street with your camera hanging from your neck shooting shots willy nilly and hoping for something amazing.  Whichever type of street photographer you are, my hats off to you.  When you are attempting to capture the perfect shot while walking or driving through the city keep in mind that the best street photography tells a story.  It’s not some random bum sitting on the side of the road taking in the fantastical vinyl siding infested landscape, it’s a man down on his luck.  A man who lost his job and could not afford to keep his car any longer.  The Pepsi blocks he sits on are a grasp at what once was, a slap in lady fates face.  It’s as if he is saying life is a bitch but guess what, I’m gonna suck down this fizzy goodness while watching a baseball game in my moms basement and forget all about the bills that pile up or the job application that was “lost” by some human resources lady.  Maybe the story you read from this photo was completely different but guess what…  There is a story there.  So next time your walking down the street and you see that person that throws your mind into story telling mode take the picture.

Most people like to have their picture taken, if you are straight forward and ask permission before taking a picture you would be surprised how many people would agree.  The issue you have to watch for is once you’ve asked for their permission you give up the spontaneity of the photo.  That’s why street photography is such a daunting task.  The internet is ripe with tips on being a great street photographer, the best one I found was to BE CONFIDENT.

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