Fine Art Street Photography – An Abstract Approach

As photographers we are always looking for a way to get in front of the masses in regards to photographic style.  In this continual push to evolve we often get treated to images that push the conventional boundaries and challenge us as viewers.  With my new series I wanted to go beyond the obvious and create something that captured more of a feeling than a subject…  Something visceral.

Abstract Street Photography by John M. Barbiaux

The phrase “painting with light” has always resonated with me, primarily because I have always wanted to be an actual painter.  Unfortunately, painting was not my gift.  Fortunately, the camera allows me to use it as a brush from time to time.

The way these images were created allows for them to be viewed bidirectionally…  If you flip one on it’s side you are presented with an entirely new perspective.  My goal was to create something entirely open to interpretation and break free of subject based street photography, hopefully creating a new way of seeing the world we live in.

Abstract Street Photography

It will be interesting to see where this evolution takes me and I hope you will join me for the adventure.  Bookmark if you have not done so already and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@PhotolisticLife).  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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