Photo Challenge – Rainy Day Street Photography

Rain or shine, sleet or snow, nothing makes original street photography environments quite like inclement weather does.  If you ask me, a warm and rainy day is the best kind of day for street photography.  People react to rain in a more natural way, if they are jumping over a puddle or dodging a rain drop you’ll see a more raw individual rather than the refined, reserved facade.

21379423212_b0801b46fa_oThe best part of shooting in the ability to capture candid shots without the worry of your subject spotting you.  Most people are so concentrated on avoiding puddles and positioning the umbrella at just the right angle that they can’t be bothered to look up and see you.

21398602941_fc476886c5_oRain presents an awesome opportunity to get creative, finding new ways to capture the world around you in abstract ways.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to go shooting in the rain and come up with something unique.  Remember to incorporate composition elements like leading lines, reflections, or the rule of thirds.  When you’re finished you can upload the images to the DecisiveShot Flickr Group or the Facebook page for a chance to be featured on DecisiveShot and

Do you like the photography you see here or elsewhere on the site?  Want to learn how to create images like this?  Join me for a photography workshop in Pittsburgh or elsewhere around the world.  Hit the Workshops link here or above in the main menu to see upcoming workshops.  Each workshop is capped at 10 participants so there is plenty of one on one time throughout the day/night.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. says: jorgemtrevino

    Yup, rain gives you a lot of good photo ops. It’s up to the guy who doesn’t fear getting his expensive camera wet to get them (Reflecting on it, I should have kept my old Nikonos V). 😉

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