Photography Challenge – Graveyards

The photography challenge series is geared for those of you who may have a creative block from time to time and need an idea or two to stir things up.  You can complete the challenge and submit a couple of different ways, either upload the image to our Facebook page or join our Flickr group and upload it there.

You’re going to need a clove of garlic, a wooden stake, and…  Your camera.  There is a 78.4% chance that vampires aren’t even real so if you’d rather pack your tripod than the garlic and a wooden stake nobody could blame you.

Before you put your brave cap on and go trudging through the local graveyard, red-rider wagon full of photo gear trailing behind you, please keep one thing in mind; showing respect in a graveyard isn’t just for the dead people buried there, it’s for the dead people’s loved ones who are there visiting.


Alright, now for a few ideas:

  • Sunburst through trees or over headstone
  • Shadows on headstones
  • Use the architecture to frame a subject*
  • Visit at different times to take advantage of the various angles the light falls
  • There are plenty of flowers, birds, bees, etc. to photograph

* Look, I love street photography and I can see huge potential of getting an image that would be moving in a graveyard but I’m ultra sensitive to respecting grieving people’s privacy.  Be cautious when you photograph people visiting a graveyard, you may upset someone who is already emotionally unstable.

Am I saying you shouldn’t photograph them?  No, but do it in a discreet and respectful way.  If your camera make a loud click sound when you hit the shutter button you may want to put some distance between you and your subject.

If you accept the challenge be sure to upload your images to either the Facebook page or our Flickr group.  From time to time we feature the best shots here on PhotolisticLife.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 replies on “Photography Challenge – Graveyards”
  1. says: Helenmb

    Well, John, this challenge got me moving in a new direction. Not really done churches and graveyards before, but came back with 127 images from visit to our local churchyard this morning. Now I need to practise some processing!

    1. says: John Barbiaux

      I’m so glad you shared! It’s nice to know the photo challenge helps people get out and shoot something different. Great shot over on the fb page too!

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