Black And White Landscape Travel Photography In Hawaii

Here’s something I never do…  Black and white landscape photography.  I like color landscape photography better, lets just get that out there.  I think black and white landscape photography is much more difficult and I believe had photographers like Ansel Adams had access to cameras like we do today they would have been huge advocates of color photography.

Let’s pay homage to black and white photography of years gone by with a look at some images taken in Hawaii, ironically one of the most naturally colorful places in the United States…

0615_untitled_005-3The first image was taken at sunset off of the last beach with road access on the North side of the island of Kaua’i.  This is an incredible spot with views along the Na Pali Coast, one of the most iconic Hawaii coast lines…  Movies like A Perfect Getaway, Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, and the television show Lost were filmed here.

0615_untitled_014-2Shooting this image in black and white was very difficult, the only thing that stood out to me was the red paint used on the boats floaty thingy (insert technical name here)…  Pontoon?  Ballast?

0615_untitled_013-2This image was a work in progress…  I visited this place twice so far and will do so once more.  I’d like either a sunrise or sunset photograph from here and will probably attempt to get here in the wee hours tomorrow.  I say attempt because you have to climb down the root system of a couple of trees to reach this beach.  It may be the most beautiful beach I saw while on Kaua’i.

If you look for this beach on your travels you’ll know you’ve found it if a medium-sized brown dog comes charging at you while barking.  Don’t worry though, he just wants to be friends.  I didn’t see his owner but he was happy to follow me around and wanted me to take him in the water.

0615_untitled_009-2As you drive down highway 560 (not sure this road would qualify as a “highway” as many spots turn into a one lane bridge crossings) you’ll see scenery like this…  I’ve never driven a more scenic route in the world.  There are plenty of scenic overlook parking areas facing the ocean but none were facing the mountains in this area.  This is a shame because I think the mountains and the waterfalls cascading down them were far more beautiful than the shore line.

0615_untitled_006Off of this particular beach, near Tunnels beach, was a beautiful reef where my wife and I went snorkeling.  This is only the second time in my life that I snorkeled but I could see how it would be addicting.  The fish were plentiful and their colors were magnificent.  I was apprehensive to go to far out because sharks are a-holes and I didn’t feel like feeding one a limb.

0615_untitled_003-3This was another difficult image to take in black and white because the orange hue from the sunrise was hitting the corner of this lifeguard tower like a boss…  It looked beautiful.  This shot was taken at Tunnels beach, sadly I did not find any tunnels nearby… just a cave with spiders in it.

You’ll know you’ve reached Tunnels beach by the copious amounts of tents and hippies scattered near the parking area.  Get there early, like 6 or 7 a.m. early, or you will be parking up to a mile away and hoofing it to the beach in your flip-flops.  If you want to fit in just snip some dreads off a sleeping hippie and look like you hate work.*

*I’m kidding…  It takes some kahunas to live life as freely as these fine folks.

If you enjoy reading about Kaua’i, Hawaii or are planning a visit to the North side of the Island, bookmark the site and check back soon for a comprehensive travel guide.  Leave your thoughts or questions in the comments below.


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