Go On Assignment – Isolation

Wanna play a game?  Let’s pretend you’re a photographer on assignment for a photography magazine or website.  Your job is to capture a specific image for use in an article in an upcoming issue.  Don’t worry, we won’t be using your photography for our articles here at PhotolisticLife, but you are certainly welcome to complete the assignment and share your results with the rest of us on our Facebook page.

Your assignment is Street Photography related (I’ve been on a Street Photography kick this year).  I want you to capture a photograph of a person in a crowd.  The trick is, I want to know which person you want me to see.  You should be able to use things like framing and depth of field to make your subject stand out.


Remember, it’s not just about taking a photograph of a crowd and centering the person you want viewers to see, use your head.  Get creative!  For the image above I was kneeling down and had the camera at knee level to angle it up high enough to catch the bokeh the Christmas tree was giving off.

Good Luck!

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