Announcing The FUJIFILM X100T – The X100S Successor

Fuji announced its latest iteration of X100 with minor changes, similar to the iPhone 5 to 5s upgrade Apple did in 2013.  The camera doesn’t really look any different, save for some minor control changes on the back of the camera…  That’s a good thing though, the camera is a beautiful, vintage looking powerhouse.


There are just a few big differences between this and the X100S (from the press release):

Electronic Rangefinder Mode
Electronic Rangefinder Mode


  • World’s first Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, complete with Electronic Rangefinder
    The X100T’s optical viewfinder can simultaneously display the focus area by using the built-in ND filter. Users simply need to turn the camera’s focusing ring for a mechanical rangefinder-style view.  Additionally, Focus Peaking and Digital Split Image modes can be selected and the magnification of the focused area can be changed.
    With the optical viewfinder, Real-time Parallax Correction has also been added to ensure more accurate framing.  Parallax error, which occurs during close-up shooting, is automatically corrected in real time so users no longer have to reframe after focusing.
    In addition, reduced display time lag, automatic brightness control, and enhanced Live View setting have been added to the electronic viewfinder providing a more comfortable shooting experience.
  • 2)Increased operability with the 1/3 stop aperture ring, command dial, 4-way controller, and seven Fn buttons
    Until now, setting the aperture in 1/3 steps needed to be done using the command lever. Now, it is done using the aperture ring. Also, the command lever has been changed to a command dial, and with the addition of a four-way controller, operability has been dramatically improved. The X100T is also equipped with seven Fn buttons, each one of which is customizable, while the rear LCD has been ungraded to 1.04M-dot 3-inch monitor, greatly improving visibility.
  • 3)New Classic Chrome film simulation mode, developed through 80 years of photographic experience
    Fujifilm’s unique Film Simulation modes that mimic the effects of photographic films help users to reproduce warm skin tones, bright blue skies and rich green trees. Classic Chrome, which delivers muted tones and deep colors, has been added to the existing selection.
The control lever at the top right is now a large dial and the directional wheel to the right of the screen is now a directional pad.

The sensor and lens remain the exact same as the X100S which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, both sensor and lens on the X100S (and not the X100T) are proven to deliver professional quality images.  The X100T will be a superb street photography camera as well as a back up camera you can drop in a coat pocket.

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Release Date is mid November and will cost $1,300.

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Fujifilm X100T 16 MP Digital Camera (Silver)


The X100T has the same internals (sans the viewfinder) as the X100S which I reviewed here.  The image quality will be the exact same and the build quality is superb.  You can check out these other articles on the X100S for more resources:

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