Not Your Ordinary Composition – Pittsburgh Bridges

If you’ve ever heard of Pittsburgh, visited, or viewed photographs of it, you’ll recognize the iconic bridges right away.  Pittsburgh is a beautiful city full of great restaurants, friendly people, 327.5 stray cats, and probably the most recognizable cityscape due to the bright yellow bridges surrounding her.

The photographs above were taken on one of the many beautiful bridges leading into the city.  I’ve photographed these bridges dozens of times but I always return and try to improve on past results.  This time I took the wide-angle lens I normally use for cityscape photography (the Nikon 16-35mm f/4G ) off and replaced it with my new favorite lens, the Nikon 85mm f/1.8G .

Using a different lens in a familiar area was instrumental in capturing unique (to me) photographs that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.  We tend to view our surroundings in the same fashion as the lens attached to our camera, when a wide-angle lens is attached we might tend to look at scenes in an all-encompassing fashion.

Get out of your comfort zone in comfortable areas…  revisit some of your favorite spots but use a different lens than you normally would.  You may even find that you enjoy using a different focal length lens more than your current favorite.  Enjoy!

The images above were taken with the lenses mentioned above, the Nikon Df, a tripod, and mirror lock-up.  

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