Photo Challenge – Photographing The Undesirables

Undesirables.  I don’t mean your step children…  I’m talking about items that aren’t sought after as your typical photography subjects.  Seriously, your step children are precious little gifts, stop assuming that they are what I mean.  Your house is full of undesirable photography subjects, think wall outlet or smoke detector.


If you’d rather save the indoor shots for a rainy day then head outside and look for subjects you wouldn’t otherwise photograph and try to capture them on (digital) film in a creative way.



When photographing things that are undesirable try changing the perspective drastically.  The wall outlet we discussed earlier would be a good example of a subject that would benefit from this.  Everyone knows what a wall outlet looks like and we’ve all seen it from about 4.5 to 5.5 feet high looking down (or straight across if it’s above your sink).  That is primarily why it’s such an undesirable subject, it’s so plain and common.  Now, if you take the same outlet and stick a fork in it (don’t do that) and put your camera on the floor looking up, a perspective not many have seen, you’ll create something interesting.  You could even make it more interesting by plugging in an extension cord with a bright orange or green plug.

So what do you think?  Are you able to turn everyday ordinary objects into interesting photographs?  We’d like to see them if you do, hit the Submit an Article link to send them our way.

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