Photography News You May Have Missed

Here is a summary of some of the happenings in the photography industry that you may have missed over the last few weeks or so.

Sony NEX-5T

411LvWTD+MLThis may be the ugliest camera I’ve ever seen

Sony released a new interchangeable compact camera called the NEX-5T for the enthusiast ($548 on Amazon).  The camera comes in at 16.1 MP and has WIFI as well as NFC (near field communications).  The NFC aspect is fairly new for cameras and just as pointless, it’s a good example of spec loading just for the sake of saying “it’s got NFC.”

Those of you that love taking “selfies” (the act of taking ones own photograph) will appreciate the crisp LCD screen (921k dot resolution touchscreen) that will swivel 180 degrees so you can see your mug from the front of the camera.  Sadly the layout and design of the camera has remained unchanged from its predecessor and could be classified as a slight upgrade (if any) with the only big difference being the addition of NFC.

Nikon D610 (Rumor)


If you own the Nikon D600 like myself you’ll be familiar with the dust speck problem that can plague the sensor.  If you are resourceful like myself then you’ll have also figured out how to clean the cameras sensor and stopped belly-aching.  If you’d like to know more about cleaning your cameras sensor safely then read this.

The Nikon D600 is a beautiful piece of equipment and will probably be a contender in the entry full frame market for several years to come.  If Nikon does replace the D600 with the D610 you can bet your butt there will be some deals to be had when looking for the D600…  Don’t fear the spec, you can clean it every other month and never have a problem.

PhotolisticLife Photo Contest

The Photo Story Contest is nearing its end (Oct. 15, 2013) and we’ve received a ton of great submissions.  The prize is $300 and it’s free to enter.  Head over to the Submit an Article page to enter today.  Good luck!

Alligator Eats $1300 Camera (Yum!)

Mario Aldecoa, wildlife photographer, had his camera, flash, and tripod devoured by an alligator whilst photographing at a Florida Everglades Alligator Farm (a little more dangerous than harvesting a corn-stalk or two, eh?).

Why does Mario hate his camera gear?  No matter, 8 months later and someone working at the farm found the camera wrapped around the leg of another alligator.  Mario got his camera back and even recovered the memory card.

(CBS Miami)

Canon 70D Gets DXOMark Ranking


Canon lovers will not love the outcome… only two 2 points higher than the countless other APS-C sensor 18MP Canon cameras before it.  Sure, the real news is its ability to auto focus while taking video but come one… just two points?  The overall score was 68, for a frame of reference the Nikon D5200 scored a whopping 84 and costs about $400 less than the Canon.

Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS STM Telephoto Lens Announced


This lens is for the APS-C cameras like the 70D, Rebel T5i, and the Rebel SL1.  The STM stands for stepping motor and references the ability of the camera to auto focus while taking HD video without hearing the focus motor.  It should cost about $350 and be released mid September.


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