This is America Challenge – Grange Middletown Fair

Submission by Liz Sette


Today’s submission comes from one of our regular contributors from right here in beautiful Pennsylvania, Liz Sette.  When I first envisioned the This is America Challenge this is exactly what I was thinking.  America is a conglomerate of ethnicity, personalities, and social classes and they all come together at county fairs, the melting pot of every community (cliché?).  Children’s laughter, teddy bears, cotton candy, and enough flashing lights to induce a seizure.

Liz Says:

The photos were taken this past weekend at the Grange Middletown Fair in Central Bucks County, PA. The fair had lots of farm animals and kids in 4-H clubs showing their animals. There was also lots of farm equipment, old and new. Additionally, there was a carnival and the photos I attached are of the carnival. I decided to view the carnival from the perspective of colors, blinking lights and moving rides. I used lots of different settings to capture these perspectives. I hope I managed to do it!


Beautiful photographs Liz, the bright colors and interesting content create photographs that not only tell a story but also put a smile on the viewers face.  Most everyone can remember some time in the past where responsibility was a word yet unknown and the biggest decision you had to make was cotton candy or funnel cake.  Oh, and you win a gold fish that your parents say you can’t keep but you talk them into it anyways only to accidentally over or under feed it to death…  I miss you Gilly Fishkins!


Well, this is embarrassing… the usual submission form is on the fritz!  Please email your submissions to  Be sure to give us some details and include the category of the submission you are making (either Photo Journal Challenge, This is America Challenge, or Over or Under Processed).  Enjoy!

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