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Do you have a photograph you’d like to share with the world?  Well I can’t promise you the world but there are about 3,000 visitors to PhotolisticLife every week who would love to hear your story.  Send your photograph with your story and see it on PhotolisticLife.  Share your world, the way you see it, with the rest of us…  We’d love to see it.

I don’t normally submit my own photographs to the photo challenge but I wanted to share something unusual I came across in my travels…

Wild Peacocks in Hawaii



The last thing I expected to find in Hawaii was a peacock, but here I was face to beak with one.  I’ve seen them at the zoo and I read that they are very hard to find in the wild so I followed three or four of these birdies all over the area snapping shots as I went.  They are truly beautiful birds, the females look like sick cats next to them (because they are brown and drab looking compared to males).

Fun Fact – peacocks were introduced to Kaua’i in 1860 by Frances Sinclair (according to the (lots of pop-ups on their site so user beware)).


Here is a picture of a peacock judging me…  it looked right through to my soul.  If you zoom in you’ll notice that it’s head looks like what you’d imagine it’s brain should look like.  Truly a unique creature.


Remember, if you’d like to share your art with the rest of the world don’t hesitate to submit them via the link below (called “Submit Your Pictures Here!” weirdly enough). There are other ways to have your photograph featured on the website as well, periodically we will feature a photograph that represents the “This is America Challenge” or “Great Places to Photograph”. As always, thank you for your wonderful submissions and please keep them coming. Enjoy!

So who is next? Include your name, where you shot the picture, what the picture is of, and why you took it.

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