Extreme Cropping

fall, horses

fall, horses

When I can add a second life to photographs I’ve already taken I get excited.  From time to time I’ll go back through hundreds of photographs, photographs I may have taken years ago, and apply a processing technique to them via my mind’s eye (I don’t literally alter every image but I envision what it would look like as I peruse my photographs).  In this case, extreme cropping.  Don’t worry, it’s not a new sport, you won’t even have to get up out of your chair… though you should exercise, I’m only telling you because I care.

Extreme cropping is just that, crop the crap out of a photograph and see if you can enhance its appeal.  Cropping is a part of a photographs composition, you do it with your lens every time you zoom in to eliminate something distracting that would otherwise creep into your frame.  Horizontal or vertical cropping can enhance an already great image, giving you multiple photographs out of one picture.  You can even display them this way, put the original in a frame and then the cropped versions can be hung or placed around the original.  Here are some examples taken from the above photograph:







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  1. says: AnitaMac

    Great point…love that you are breathing new life into older photos.  Have practiced extreme cropping on a number of occasions myself and am a fan.

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