Fall Photography


Color, color, color, and more color.  Need I say more.  There is no better time to hone your photography skills than in the month of October (sometimes into November if your lucky).  The leaves are falling and the weather is getting cooler making it a perfect opportunity to get some really great contrasty photographs.  No matter the weather, if its bright and sunny you can photograph just about anywhere and if the weather is overcast head on into the woods and get some great shots of foliage.  Photographing rivers or lakes with their reflections of trees covered in the gold, red, and yellows of autumn is one of the most popular shots during this season.

The days are getting shorter but you should have between about 7am and 7pm to scurry around taking photographs, during the winter your time will drastically drop with the sun not rising until after 8am and setting around 4pm (perfect for you sleepy heads who don’t even remember what 6am looks like).  There really is not a bad time to photograph during the day in the fall, the morning and evening hours are always the best though.  Try getting up early enough where the morning mist is rising and sun beams are breaking through giving your photographs a dramatic lighting.  If it’s overcast or stormy it will give your photo’s even more dramatic effect so don’t be afraid to still head out, storms are a perfect time to take a walk through a forest and get some foliage shots or macro shots because the harsh sunlight isn’t reflecting off the bright colors causing harsh highlights.

You don’t need your entire camera bag unless you plan on capturing some playful deer or the occasional bird fluttering about.  Grab your wide zoom lens (24-85mm) and you’ll be covered if you want to take a landscape photo or zoom in a bit to frame an old barn or a canoe on the edge of the water.  Don’t be afraid to revisit sites you visited during the summer or winter months, the dramatic changes in color will make it look like an entirely new world.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab your camera, stick your wife or husband with the kids and take some you time.  You’ve earned it.

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