Photo Journal

The Photo Journal is where we will feature one of your (the readers’) photos each day. Whoever has the most interesting or different photo each day will be featured on the site and praised like the amazing photogenius you are.

Day Forty Seven

Becky D. from Sarver, P.A. sends us this beautiful pick from a usually dreary place… the grave yard.  This photo was taken at the “Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville. Rainy evening – break in the showers. The cemetery is loaded with fabulous statues.”  Great picture, it is amazing the detail some of those statues have in them.  Like the photographer the sculptor tries to tell a story with his statue and this photograph captures that perfectly.  Now I am curious if that is supposed to be Archangel Michael or Gabriel?  Thank you for your submission, keep them coming.

So who is next? Include your name, where you shot the picture, what the picture is of, and why you took it.
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