Photo Scavenger Hunt


Grab your point and shoot, DSLR, mirror-less camera, or freaking cell phone camera (assuming you own a cell phone with a decent camera) and listen up. I’ve got a game for you to play this week.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Have you done a scavenger hunt lately? Me either. Call up your friends and explain how this works to them and if they aren’t interested guilt them into playing anyways. Here is how it works:

Take a picture of something and send it via email or text to said friend. Maybe talk a little trash and challenge them to guess what exactly it is that you sent them.

The picture above is a flower. Yes, you know that and I know that but do you know what type of flower? That’s the game. Find out the specifics of whatever it is your friend sends you and you win.

A fun way to make it a little more educational would be to find out what it is and then have to come up with an interesting fact about it (thank God for Wikipedia).

For the cheaters more efficient folks out there you could always use Google image search to search by image.

Can anyone figure out what type of flower is featured at the top of this post? Comment below.

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