Get Better at Photography and Have Fun Doing it

Pirate Stadium
Summer Fun

You’ve been reading about photography and got so excited you went out and bought a camera… problem is your vacation isn’t for another 3 months and you are tired of shooting pictures of your pets sleeping in various poses all over your house.  Great news!  A fun way to challenge yourself to get better at photography, and stay interested in it, is to play a game with yourself (get your minds out of the gutter).  The picture above is my first attempt at my own challenge: This is America.  Throughout the summer I will challenge myself to find at least 10 photographs that really define America and post them to the site.  If you’d like to play along you can, you don’t have to play the same game… Here are some ideas for you.  It helps to define a number you’d like to achieve but keep it realistic, if you try for too many it becomes a chore and you are sure to fail.

  • Crazy mailboxes
  • Abandoned factories
  • Old cars rusted over and overgrown with weeds
  • Dilapidated Houses
  • Old bicycles
  • Interesting doorways (maybe historic ones in an old city)
  • Unique church steeples or unique churches
  • Old fences
  • Interesting Barns
  • People laughing
  • People crying
  • Macro photographs of old pocket watches
  • Reflections in puddles

Play with your camera and its settings and try to get some really interesting angles.  If you are really proud of one of your shots and you’d like to share it with the rest of us just submit it to the Photo Journal contest and we will feature it.
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